Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ideas for Where to Use Benches In Your Home

My favorite way to switch up any room at home (well, one that does not involve any hammering, sawing or drilling new holes in my walls) is incorporating a space for a bench to bring style and functionality into a room.  Here are just a few ideas of spots to use benches in your home:

Create a landing zone in your entryway or front hallway with a bench.  This can be where you drop your belongings as soon as you walk in the door.  Even better, you will have everything you need in one place the next time you are on your way out the door and will never waste a single second searching endlessly for lost keys

Bedroom Bench:
A bench at the foot of the bed is an elegant detail for any bedroom and can even function as extra storage, a step stool, extra seating or in place of a footboard

Around Your Dining Table:
A dining bench can be used in combination with dining chairs or instead of dining chairs around your dining table.  A dining bench takes up no vertical space at all, unlike dining chairs, and can be tucked underneath your dining table when not in use.

Use as a Coffee Table
Using a bench is an unexpected and stylish alternative to a coffee table, offering all the same functionality and can even be an acceptable spot to put your feet up (most of the time).  Pictured here is our Modern Classics Exclusive Stainless Steel Bench being used as a coffee table for a wine-fueled game of checkers

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trending in 2016: Scandinavian Modern

At the start of every New Year, I love reading all about which design trends I can expect to see in the year ahead.  One I am particularly excited about for 2016 is the resurgence of Scandinavian Modern Furniture

Scandinavian design has globally influenced home interiors for decades, thanks to 20th century modern furniture designers including Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl, Borge Mogensen and Poul Kjaerholm.  Not only will we be seeing more of these designers' iconic furniture in 2016, but we will also be seeing more of the individual elements that make up Scandinavian design:

Traditional Woodworking:
Woodworking has been a celebrated art for centuries in Scandinavia and is how most furniture designers began their careers.  The pristine woodworking and craftsmanship found in Scandinavian design instantly adds warmth and elegance to any room.

Clean lines:
You won't find any unnecessary ornamentation, but rather tasteful simplicity to allow the notable craftsmanship to shine

Neutral Tones:
Use of earthy and natural textures like hardwood are only made better by a neutral pallet to match.  Adding a few pops of color throughout is easy to do in a room with a neutral pallet and creates an unequivocally modern home.  

Form and Function:
Scandinavian designers heavily valued functionality of their furniture.  The longevity of their designs can easily be attributed to this balance of warm elegance and everyday practicality found in Scandinavian design

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Poul Kjaerholm's Creative Processs

It seems like Poul Kjaerholm’s most famous pieces were all created as a somewhat byproduct of another project of his.  Take for instance, his PK20 Lounger:  this was originally meant to utilize spare leather strips from other furniture.  The more Kjaerholm worked on the design, the more it evolved into the beautiful chair that is still celebrated today.

Our PK20 Lounger Reproduction follows the same dimensions as the original design, including the steel spring frame base that gives this elegant ‘easy chair’ extraordinary strength.  Our version is crafted with a stainless steel base and a wide choice of our Scandinavian leathers.

Come check it out in any of our factory showrooms in BellinghamChicago or Dallas!