Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trending in 2016: Scandinavian Modern

At the start of every New Year, I love reading all about which design trends I can expect to see in the year ahead.  One I am particularly excited about for 2016 is the resurgence of Scandinavian Modern Furniture

Scandinavian design has globally influenced home interiors for decades, thanks to 20th century modern furniture designers including Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl, Borge Mogensen and Poul Kjaerholm.  Not only will we be seeing more of these designers' iconic furniture in 2016, but we will also be seeing more of the individual elements that make up Scandinavian design:

Traditional Woodworking:
Woodworking has been a celebrated art for centuries in Scandinavia and is how most furniture designers began their careers.  The pristine woodworking and craftsmanship found in Scandinavian design instantly adds warmth and elegance to any room.

Clean lines:
You won't find any unnecessary ornamentation, but rather tasteful simplicity to allow the notable craftsmanship to shine

Neutral Tones:
Use of earthy and natural textures like hardwood are only made better by a neutral pallet to match.  Adding a few pops of color throughout is easy to do in a room with a neutral pallet and creates an unequivocally modern home.  

Form and Function:
Scandinavian designers heavily valued functionality of their furniture.  The longevity of their designs can easily be attributed to this balance of warm elegance and everyday practicality found in Scandinavian design

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