Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Closer Looks: Marcel Breuer's Wassily Chair

The Bauhaus Modern movement, beginning in 1917 Germany, marks the start of the modern movement.  Experimentation with new methods and materials was encouraged and resulted in iconic furniture designs like Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair.  Inspired by the handlebars of his bicycle, the Wassily Chair is the result of Breuer extruding tubular steel, an unprecedented method of the time when most furniture was crafted form wood.

Our Wassily Chair Reproduction closely matches the dimensions of the signature model, with a few minor adjustments to maximize comfort.  Our polished stainless steel frame is seamlessly bent, just as Marcel Breuer intended for it to be.  With 15 different leather colors to choose, this iconic accent chair can be made to fit in almost any room of the house!

You can come check out our Wassily Chair Reproduction along with everything else we have to offer at any of our factory showroom locations in BellinghamChicago or Dallas!

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