Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wegner's Solution For Perfect Posture

As much as I am always correcting myself, slouching seems to be my natural way of sitting when I am at my computer.  Not only does it look sloppy but it is detrimental to spinal alignment, to the digestive system and can even lead to poor circulation.  Hans Wegner recognized the importance of proper posture, and designed his iconic Wing Back Lounge Chair in a way to comfortably support the human spine.

Our Wing Back Lounge Chair Reproduction follows the same specifications of Wegner’s original design, making proper posture feel natural.  With the two stainless steel back legs being slightly lower than the two front legs, the seat has a backward slant that supports the upper back and neck while also supporting the natural curve of the lower back. 

Come check it out along with everything else we have to offer at our BellinghamChicago or 
Dallas showrooms!

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