Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Best Size Dining Table To Fit Your Modern Home

When researching your options to find the perfect dining table to complete your modern home, there are a few spatial factors you need to consider and that will guide you to the ideal table to meet all your needs.

The size of the dining room is a primary factor for determining what size of dining table is going to fit best.  The magic number is at always at least 36 inches between the wall and the table on all sides.  This distance between the wall and table makes an easy passageway for guests who need to be excused, and is the best distance to avoid any wall damage from chairs being pulled out from the table.

The number of guests you want to be able to seat is another key factor to consider when determining the best size and shape dining table for your home.  Each guest needs between 24 to 36 inches of table edge, and dividing the number of inches per guest by the entire perimeter of the table will tell you how many it will fit.

Helpful Tip:  Don’t struggle with a tape measurer to find the perimeter of a round dining table.  Instead, you can multiply the tabletop diameter by 3.14 (Pi) to find the perimeter.

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