Thursday, July 28, 2016

Originals, Reproductions and Knock Offs: Here's The Difference

Originals, knock offs, and reproductions: oh there’s a difference.  If you have ever mistakenly called our pieces the latter, you already know because you endured my lecture clarifying the differences  (I’ll let it slide....the first time).  

At Modern Classics, we manufacture and sell modern furniture reproductions (yes, WE make what we sell... one defining difference between us and other furniture sellers)  and if you are wondering why this difference is important, here's a brief explanation of each:

Original Brands: These are almost priceless pieces of iconic modern furniture (but there is a price on them, a shockingly high price), dating as far back as 80 years and are mostly found in museums or private collections.  If you see these in someone's home, please, for the love of furniture, do not spill. 

Reproductions: Made to the same specifications as the originals and, in our case, at a fraction the price.  Having the liberty to use the highest quality materials we can access today thanks to the advances in modern technology means our furniture can stand the wear and tear of everyday use and offer an unprecedented durability.

Knock Offs:   These are often labelled as inspired by the originals and are made from inferior quality materials, deviate quite a bit from the original dimensions and exhibit careless craftsmanship.  This is how they can be priced as low as they are but their inferior appearance is instantly obvious.  Churning out their products this way exhibits a disregard for values set forth during the modern era make these an insult to the original designers and therefore not worth dwelling on any further.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Color, Like Salt, Is Best When Saved For Last

During my visits to my grandparents when I was young, I always loved helping my grandma cook (hopefully she felt the same way despite a few kitchen disasters I might have created).  She would remind me to be mindful of adding salt and to save it for last; after all, it is easier to add than it is to take away. 

This pearl of wisdom has served as a metaphor for me in many ways beyond just cooking.  One in particular is when it comes to adding a pop of color.  This is my favorite part of the design process and its when I get to set the tone of an otherwise neutral-colored room.  As much as I love adding in color, I always keep my grandma’s old adage in mind to make sure that pop of color doesn’t turn into a multi-colored mess.

Whether you are looking to complete a neutral palette in your modern home or if you are ready to find that perfect pop of color, you can be sure to find it among our 20 exclusive boucle fabric color choices.  Thanks to the stain-resistant and UV-resistant properties of our boucle fabrics you can expect your color selections to last for many years of stylish living.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Platner Table In The Office: Same Form, Different Function

Warren Platner’s classic dining table needn’t be restricted to just the dining room—many are using it as a work desk at home or their office thanks to it’s versatile functionality and iconic modern design.  The ample surface space is ideal for spreading out all work related items, whether working alone or sharing your workspace.  The modern and professional elegance Warren Platner’s Dining Table brings to the office setting is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with visiting colleagues, coworkers and clients.

Our Platner Dining Table Replica uses stainless steel for the rods of the sculptural base; a base that was originally designed by Platner meant to resemble a shiny sheaf of wheat.  The unprecedented strength of our stainless steel base in combination with our thick tempered glass top means it has a lasting durability to handle everyday use.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Now Trending: Art Deco (But Don't Call It A Comeback)

To say Art Deco furniture is a "trending" style right now is almost an oxymoron since this classic style has been influencing design for almost a century, since 1925.  The key elements of the art deco style were introduced to represent the future of technology in a post-World War I society.  The simple application of art deco style to interior design is still favored by many (myself included).   A few of these key elements include sleek geometric forms, clean lines, rounded corners and curvature, a set of three found throughout the design and the use of modern materials, such as stainless steel.  

Our Art Deco 'D' Chair is one of our own chair designs, applying the key elements of art deco and the practicality for everyday use.  You can see this and more of our Art Deco furniture in our MCF Exclusive Collection.  You can also see all we offer in person at any of our three showroom locations in BellinghamDallas or Chicago!