Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Now Trending: Art Deco (But Don't Call It A Comeback)

To say Art Deco furniture is a "trending" style right now is almost an oxymoron since this classic style has been influencing design for almost a century, since 1925.  The key elements of the art deco style were introduced to represent the future of technology in a post-World War I society.  The simple application of art deco style to interior design is still favored by many (myself included).   A few of these key elements include sleek geometric forms, clean lines, rounded corners and curvature, a set of three found throughout the design and the use of modern materials, such as stainless steel.  

Our Art Deco 'D' Chair is one of our own chair designs, applying the key elements of art deco and the practicality for everyday use.  You can see this and more of our Art Deco furniture in our MCF Exclusive Collection.  You can also see all we offer in person at any of our three showroom locations in BellinghamDallas or Chicago!

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