Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Closer Looks: Wegner's Wing Back Lounge Chair

One of my favorite designers of the 20th century is, hands down, Hans Wegner.  Not only are each of his iconic furniture designs strikingly modern and elegant, but they are designed in such a way to make me sit up straight.  Take for example his Wing Back Chair and Ottoman: this was designed with a slanted seat and higher seat back to support the upper back through the crown of the head while also supporting the natural curve of the lower back, thus making proper posture the natural sitting position.  Oh, and it looks great too!

Our Wing Back Lounge Chair and Ottoman Reproduction honors the same dimensions as the original model and is offered in a wide variety of our Scandinavian Leathers.  You can come check it out in our 
BellinghamChicago or Dallas showrooms!

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