Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Conrad Moulton: Iconic Illustrator and Abstract Visionary

During the Golden Age of Print Advertising in New York City, amid the large and competitive pool of artists vying for a spot as professional advertising illustrators, a select few artists stood out from the crowd, setting the standard of the era with their undeniable skill and eye for details.  Conrad Moulton's prolific collections of iconic advertising illustrations are images many of us still recognize today.  Similar in style to Norman Rockwell's work, the two artists were friends and ran in the same circles during the 1940s, 50s and 60s while working in New York City. 

When it came time for retirement, Conrad ceased the opportunity to steer this focus toward his large-scale abstract work.  After mastering his own unique abstract aesthetic, his inherent artistic talent was proven all over again with his new style, while remaining consistent and true to the style of the time.

These ageless original paintings by Conrad Moulton are the perfect addition to any modern home and are on display in the Modern Classics Furniture Showroom in Chicago.  Pictured here is Moulton’s Blue Abstract  in combination with our Wegner Style Wing Back Chair and Exhibition Side Table.

Come visit any of the Modern Classics Furniture Showrooms in Chicago,  Bellingham or Dallas where you can see and experience all we have to offer!

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