Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Key Curves of the BRNO Chair

On Mies van der Rohe’s famous BRNO Chair from 1930, his use of cantilevered strength found throughout his design was a popular structural feature in design at the time and essential to the chair’s stability.  The front curve of the arm and slightly curved sled base were carefully designed to work in conjunction with each other, placing the center of gravity where it belongs: in the center!

The one consistent flaw in the design made by other furniture manufacturers is failing to employ the curves Mies originally designed, thus shifting the center of gravity forward and causing the whole chair to tip forward (which kind of defeats the main purpose of a chair, eh?)

Our meticulous adherence to the original design is what gives our version the stability it has and is what sets our BRNO Chair Replica apart from the rest.  Our version is made to the same specifications as the original, including the front arm curve and slight cantilever on the sled base where only four points are touching the floor, thus offering the same stability as the original model.

You can come check out everything we have to offer in person by visiting any of our three factory showrooms in ChicagoBellingham or Dallas!

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