Friday, March 9, 2018

Modern Home Living with Dogs and Cats

All pet owners who are also modern furniture enthusiasts can be happy to know there will never be a need to choose between the two ever again!  Although most of the materials used in the original furniture designs of the modern period couldn’t hold up to Fido’s teething phase, new technology made available in the decades since has provided us with substantially more durable and resilient options and we make full use of at Modern Classics Furniture:

Stainless Steel: 
During the age of modernism, original furniture designers would use mild steel with chrome-plated since it was the best option at the time though could not offer the durability needed in high traffic areas of every day use.  The signature versions and most reproductions still use this, and over the years it will show evidence of the scratching or chewing that is typical of all new pets.

Our reproductions make use of the highest furniture grade steel, #304 stainless steel, hand polished to high luster.  It offers an unprecedented level of durability without sacrificing style and can be sandblasted if need be after many, many years to restore the original sparkle. 

Whether its cats or dogs at home, the adorable little paws of either are bound to leave their mark on any leather that is susceptible to scratches. 

Our top-grain, aniline-dyed leather we import from Italy is equipped to withstand the elements of day-to-day life, including scratches.  With the exception of our distressed leathers (which are intended to scratch as part of the aesthetic appeal), your pets can easily nap on the furniture without the risk of being scolded when you come home.

Boucle Fabric:
I’m sure you are already aware of the various ways pets can make stains on fabric furniture, so I don’t think I need to go into detail.  While most puppy mischief can eventually be forgiven, stains on upholstered furniture is tough one to get past when there’s a daily reminder on your favorite sofa.  Forgiveness comes much easier though when the fabric is stain-resistant like our exclusive collection of Modern Boucle Fabrics.  We use an eco-friendly stain guard finish that causes spilled liquids to bead up and can easily be wiped away without permeating the surface of the fabric (its also UV resistant so colors will not fade if kept by a window…. I know this doesn’t apply so much to pets but it is still worth mentioning).  

Come see all we have to offer in any of one our three showrooms in BellinghamChicago or Dallas!

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