Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Value of Experiencing Furniture Before Buying

What do cars, swimsuits and furniture all have in common?  In this digital age, these are all items that cannot be ordered one click, but rather should be tested out first to ensure you have made the best choice to fit your lifestyle.

The one thing all past, present and future furniture buyers have in common is putting forth the time and energy to research all furniture options.  Although you can find everything online you need to know about foam cushions, leather, wood finishes, (this list could go on for quite a while), there is no online substitute for actually experiencing the feel of the furniture for yourself.

Unlike most furniture reproductions who solely exist online, at Modern Classics Furniture we understand the value of physically seeing, touching, sitting, lounging and/or curling up in a piece of furniture that will occupy much of your time for many years.   This is why we have our factory showroom locations across the nation in Bellingham, Chicago and Dallas. 

After visiting and sitting in one piece you may change your mind entirely and find another that you like even better.  Or you may decide to go with your original choice and can rest easily until it is delivered to your home knowing that you chose the best possible option—this is a luxury that is not guaranteed when ordering from an online company without getting a test ride (or in this case, a ‘test sit’)

You can check out the hours on our website for the BellinghamChicago and Dallas factory showrooms.  
Pictured here is our Finn Juhl Style Chair 45 set in front of a Conrad Moulton original, Green Abstract

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